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Experts and Guest 2014 Taping Ask Dr. Nandi July 2014 Schedule & Guest Information - Show Topics Include: Thursday, July 17th Raising Happy Healthy Children, The Truth in Medical Care, Understanding Dyslexia and The Psychological & Physical Affects of Oppression in Society Friday, July 18th Veterans Health Care Discussion, Marijuana: A Useful Medicine or Harmful Drug? Adoption, An In-Depth Discussion, and Teen Drug Abuse Saturday, July 19th HIV in 2014, […]
Poverty Episode Dr Oz Story - On television, there have been many shows hosted by doctors.  Recently, “Dr. Oz” and ”The Doctors” have ruled the airwaves with their brand of entertainment and information.  Morning television has their “experts” that they bring in to explain the latest trends and news to their audience but it always leads to that big question.  Who […]
Skin Cancer Skin Cancer - Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer with more than 3.5 million cases diagnosed every year. The main types of skin cancer are basal cell, squamous cell and melanoma. RISK FACTORS: Ultraviolet radiation from sun exposure A family history of skin cancer Fair skinned individuals who have freckles and burn before tanning […]


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