The increase of coronavirus cases among children is alarming. A report by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association informed that about 97,000 children had tested positive in two weeks. This is very concerning because of the schools opening soon in the state of Michigan.  

I am worried about this news not only as a physician but also as a dad.  It’s been reported 339,000 cases in the whole country, that is about 447 cases in 100,000 children. Just in the last half of July, it was an increase of 40% of coronavirus in children.

Is it possible that the death rate will increase also?

Reports about children deaths because of C-19 are luckily a rarity. Since May, unfortunately, 86 children have died from coronavirus. Recently the death of a 7-year-old boy with no pre-existing conditions from Georgia was reported.  

Can you think of any reason for the increase in cases among children? Is it possible that it is school-related?

It can be a combination of factors. Health officials reported that lately, we are not as careful in applying preventative measures against C-19, especially the young population. Added to the fact that some schools are still open. It was a case of one school closing temporarily after one week of being open because three staff members and six children tested positive. 

In your opinion, how will this affect soon-to-be-reopen schools in Michigan? Many parents are concerned and have difficulty deciding what to do…

As a father of 4 kids, with 3 of them in school, I know it is very hard for a parent to decide between online or in-school classes. My concern also goes for close family members. I hope not to see an increase in cases once schools reopen here in Michigan. We also should consider that use of a face mask is mandatory in Michigan, while this is not the case in Georgia.