Anna Grace Taylor has been a fighter all her life. She was born 11 weeks prematurely with her twin sister which resulted in brain damage. As she got older, her sister began to walk and Anna did not. Doctors called her a lazy baby but at 18 months she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which affected both legs. She was able to take her first independent steps at 6 and had to re-learn to walk twice more after major surgeries both in her teens.

While she was doing rehabilitation, her body became exhausted and she fell very ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) M.E. is a complex condition and doctors knew little on how to treat it. Anna begain to search for alternative ways to ease her symptoms as well as traditional medicines. Anna continues to use both alternative treatments such as massage, energy healing and acupuncture but she also uses western medicine when needed. Anna has become her own Health Hero by connecting with and getting support for her whole self. Anna has made it a mission to heal on all levels. She says she has learned to love and embrace the body that has caused her discomfort and pain.

Anna Grace Taylor is a fighter, a winner and this week’s Health Hero!