Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House coronavirus advisor warned about the dangers in trying to achieved coronavirus herd immunity among the population.

I agree with Dr. Fauci., if we decide to obtain herd immunity, the consequences will be disastrous. We can certainly expect a worrying high death toll, especially considering that many Americans have underlying health conditions.  

It is known that America suffers from an obesity epidemic. Additionally, the number of individuals with diabetes or high blood pressure is very large. These health problems can lead to serious C-19 infections and even death.

What exactly is herd immunity, and how is achieved?

Let me tell you how herd immunity works. Herd immunity is achieved when 70% to 90% of the population has been exposed to the disease and created antibodies. After this, the disease is very unlikely to spread. 

The idea of trying to reach herd immunity for C-19 presents two big problems. First, by data from John Hopkins University, only 2% of individuals in the US has contracted coronavirus. The second problem is that we don’t know how long the antibodies for C-19 will last on an individual’s body. It may be 60 or 90 days, we don’t know for sure. For these reasons achieving herd immunity will take a long time. 

Moreover, the numbers of deaths are alarmingly high considering that only 2% of the population has been infected. Actually, we had experience 1,000 daily deaths in 18 consecutive days. The CDC predicts that our death rate will go from 167,000 to 189,000 by early September.

The World Health Organization has made a point about the dangers of herd immunity for the coronavirus. The possibility of hospitals overflowing with sick patients is troubling.

We had already observed here in the US the problems of hospitals pushing their maximum capacity for taking patients. If hospitals get crowded, patients will not get proper care, this can even result in deaths. Medical staff can get overwhelmed and be unable to help when is most needed. In my view the idea of herd immunity is no viable, I venture to say that is even an unethical one.