What is biohacking and can your really “hack” into your system to improve your health?  Determined to unveil the truth about biohacking, Dr. Partha Nandi takes a close look at some of the claims and products on the market.  You’ll hear how nootropics, oura rings, and neurofeedback monitoring can affect your health.  And Teri Cochrane, an Integrative Practitioner who faced a serious health crisis reveals how she biohacked herself back to good health. Experts also discuss exercise hacks to help you tone up and drop weight faster; how you can hack like a centenarian; and the possibility of biohacking autism and ADD. 

Notable Guests

Teri Cochrane

Teri Cochrane is an integrative practitioner and thought leader in personalized health care. She has developed her own methodology, “The Cochrane Method,” which integrates a multi-level nutritional approach, including bio-chemistry, nutrition, genetic tendencies, herbology, and counseling, to develop a bio-individualized plan for her clients.

Teri is a writer and speaker, and maintains a nationally read blog and radio presence. Teri specializes in complex health conditions and has a private clinical practice in Reston, VA within the metro Washington DC area. She launched her groundbreaking and Amazon best selling new release book – The Wildatarian® Diet – Living as Nature Intended in March 2018.  Learn more at tericochrane.com

Shelly Sethi

Dr. Shelly Sethi is a double board-certified family physician who provides integrative and functional medicine to people who are looking for clarity and root-cause resolution of their chronic health issues or to people who want to optimize their body and brain to live to their full potential. She provides a step-by-step system that is customized for your unique health condition. Her program reverse engineers your health goals by understanding your genetic potential and focuses on recovery from stress exposure. This results in more energy, a clear mind, and an optimized body and spirit which improves your relationships, impact, and lifestyle.

Dr. Sethi is a national speaker in the field of Integrative Medicine and a #1 best-selling author of “Built to Thrive. Overcome Chronic Illness, Fatigue and Hormonal Imbalance and Get Your Energy and Vitality Back Without Medication or Surgery.” She is the Founder of Dr. Shelly Sethi Personalized Medicine and has a special interest in botanical medicine and culinary medicine. Additionally, she teaches culinary medicine workshops and mind-body seminars in Austin. She helps her patients achieve health by focusing on nutrition science, sleep physiology, stress management, exercise physiology, connection to community and spiritual practices to minimize the risk of chronic disease onset, while simultaneously improving healthspan. She enjoys the practice of yoga and has studied various methods of meditation for over twenty years. Learn more at drshellysethi.com

Pamela Gold

Pamela Gold is the founder of HACKD Fitness, NYC’s first biohacking fitness studio. A mom of 2, Pamela became passionate about fitness and wellness through her own postpartum journey of losing 40 pounds. As a personal trainer helping other moms reach their goals, she would often work out 4 hours a day with her clients. But when she went back to work running a company, she suddenly found herself with 20 mins a day for fitness, if she was lucky! She started researching more efficient ways to achieve her fitness goals and discover fitness tech and methods that she had never thought possible. She now works out less than 40 minutes a week and is in the best shape of her life, all using data to confirm what is working and what isn’t, and shares it all at HACKD Fitness in Manhattan. Pamela is also author of Find More Strength: 5 Pillars to Unlock Unlimited Power and Strength, a book that connects physical, mental and inner strength in a practical, relatable guide. Learn more at hackdfitness.com

Nathalie Beauchamp

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, B.Sc., D.C., IFMCP is an Ottawa-based Chiropractor, the owner of Santé Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, a Functional Medicine Practitioner, an international lecturer, and Radio/TV personality. She is the author of the book Hack Your Health Habits: Simple, Action Drive, Natural Solutions for People On The Go! and the creator of the online coaching program Hack Your Health Habits Mastery Program. She is also the host of The What The Hack?! Podcast where she interviews other natural health practitioners to help people take control of their health. Dr. Nathalie’s mission is to educate, lead and empower people to live their best lives!  Learn more at hackyourhealthhabits.com

Caroline Angel

Caroline helps busy women find their hormonal balance so they can get back to their vibrant selves: start feeling happy, thinking clearly, managing weight effortlessly, having a healthy sexy libido, feeling vibrant, having strong bones and joints, attaining shiny healthy hair and skin, all while feeling and looking their best.

Caroline is a speaker, writer, and #1 International Best Selling author of Fifty Shades of Grain: The Truth about Eating Bread and Feeling Great. She is a Holistic Nutrition Expert and Longevity Health Practitioner. She works in collaboration with Professor Michel Poulain, the top researcher of the Blue Zones; places around the world where Centenarians who as you may know are people that live over 100 years of age and exist with abundant vitality. She is an experiential traveler who studies different cultures, religions and diets with a mission to teach and inspire others through healthy habits and practices our ancestors used; joyfully without deprivation. She is the founder of Happy Hormones Program a highly specialized and individualized program offered to committed women all over the world who are serious about taking charge of their own health, ready to stop chasing after their health one doctor or expensive lab test after another, and relearning how to become their own healers. Caroline is also the Founder of The Whole Transformation.  Learn more at thewholetransformation.com

Julie Matthews

Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant. Since 2002, she’s been a leading expert on the science and application of therapeutic diets and nutrition for autism. Her award-winning book, Nourishing Hope for Autism, has helped parents and practitioners around the world to diet and nutrition choices that help those with autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental delays. Julie is a contributing-author of newly published from ASU that shows direct correlation between nutrition and improvements in autism symptoms. Learn more at nourishinghope.com

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