Dr. Irwin has been a guest medical expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show and the Weekend Today Show.

She is the author of The Surgery-Free Makeover (Da Capo 2008) and Your Best Face: Looking Your Best Without Plastic Surgery (Hay House, 2002).

Dr. Irwin has been quoted or cited in the national press from the Associated Press and Allure to Selfmagazine. Seattle Magazine has three times named her one of Seattle’s best dermatologists based on a poll of 2,500-area doctors.

Dr. Irwin is one of the few prominent cosmetic dermatologists who does not represent any skin care product lines, cosmetic companies, or device manufacturers. She has no financial ties to any of those companies, and she gives unbiased information and opinions.

Dr. Irwin practices medical and cosmetic dermatology at the clinic she founded in 1999, Madison Skin & Laser Center in Seattle. She is regarded as one of the most skilled cosmetic dermatologists in the country, and is an expert injector of Sculptra, Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm. She has worked with lasers and laser technology since its introduction to cosmetic dermatology in the 1990s.

Dr. Irwin holds board certification in both internal medicine and dermatology, and is a member of the International Society of Laser Surgeons, the American Academy of Dermatology, and many other professional associations.

She was graduated with honors (AOA) from the University of Washington Medical School in 1984 and did residencies in both internal medicine and dermatology there as well. She received one of the few National Dermatology Foundation Research Fellowship Awards in 1990, and has been a clinical faculty member at the University of Washington. She enjoys time with her husband and three children, fitness, cooking, and traveling.

Dr. Irwin’s Personal Story
Many people have asked me how I got interested in skin in the first place. I grew up in a small, rainy, lumber town in southwest Washington State – a lot like the town in the Twighlight books and movies (Forks, Washington). Ok, it was a little bigger than that but not much!

Like most teenagers, I would fry my skin in summer when we had sun, and had the usual acne problems. Later on, I was too busy studying to spend much time outside in the sun. In medical school, I thought at first that cardiology and neurosurgery were the most interesting, but then did a dermatology elective and realized that the skin is an amazingly complex and versatile organ. And even more, you can see it…which means you can tell more easily what is hapening when you are treating it.

Since that time, it has only gotten more interesting because not only do we know more about skin diseases and skin health, but the technology to improve skin has exploded. It makes for an ever-changing skin landscape which is always interesting to me.

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