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We believe colorectal cancer is a senseless killer and Dr. Nandi continues to diagnose it far too often in his practice. Our team provides education and support for patients and families, caregivers, and survivor to raise awareness and prevent this preventable and deadly disease. We are passionately determination to dramatically decrease the incidence of Colon Cancer and we KNOW we will see an end to this senseless disease in our lifetime.


Colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon or rectum), when discovered early, is highly treatable. Even if it spreads into nearby lymph nodes, surgical treatment followed by chemotherapy is highly effective. In the most difficult cases — when the cancer has spread to the liver, lungs or other sites — treatment can help make surgery an option for many, as well as prolonging and adding to one’s quality of life. Research is constantly being done to learn more and provide hope for people no matter what stage their cancer is in.

Most colorectal cancers develop first as polyps, which are abnormal growths inside the colon or rectum that may later become cancerous if not removed.


Dr. Nandi Charities uses Colon Cancer funds to make an impact on patients and families with health disparities in metro Detroit. We focus on those receiving little education about prevention and treatment of Colon Cancer either because of a lack of access to services or lack of health-related knowledge. We also increase access to treatment for those affected by the disease.
Financial Contribution is also made to The Colorectal Cancer Alliance

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