100 Cases in 27 Michigan Schools

This isn’t surprising as we have reopened the schools and where people flock so will the virus. The state has also started counting K-12 as well as colleges. This is important because the different types of schools prevent different issues.  For instance, if you have young kids as I do, you know they are not the best with following directions.  They love to gather together, eager to talk, and play.  They aren’t thinking about the virus.  The issue with Teenagers and college students is they believe they are invincible. Logic is not their main focus while their brains are still developing.  So when all these students are in school, where it’s imperative that they follow safety protocols, it can be challenging. Add in the snack and lunch breaks where some kids are allowed to mingle and you are providing more opportunity for the virus to find new hosts when kids take off their masks to eat, especially if they are not social distancing.

School Closures

There is no playbook. So school districts are doing what they think is right. Some of them had to temporarily reclose because of individual outbreaks but no statewide closure is for sure yet.  But here’s what is most important – we have an opportunity right now to flatten the curve.  Talk with our kids and regularly remind them to disinfect or wash their hands, wear their masks, and to social distance.  Most children are not going to get severely ill from the virus, but I can’t say that about their grandma or grandpa or anyone with health concerns. So let’s join together and follow safety protocols so that we can keep the schools open and virus transmission at a minimum.