The University of Southern California science team discovered that symptoms of C-19 appear in a specific order.

In the study by USC scientists, they observed that after individuals were infected with the coronavirus, their symptoms presented in the following order: fever, cough and muscle pain, nausea with/without vomiting, and finally diarrhea.
Are these symptoms easily confused with the flu? With this information, can people differentiate between C-19 from other diseases?
My patients do worry about how they can tell if it is the flu or coronavirus. So it’s helpful to know that C-19 symptoms present in a certain order when they first appear.

Researchers found that coughing is in most cases, the first symptom of influenza. Compared to fever being C-19’s first symptom.
It’s important to note that adults infected with the flu usually don’t experience diarrhea and/or vomiting. While research shows vomiting and diarrhea are common with C-19.

To know this may help an individual to take further action like seek help, self-isolate, and get tested.
How did researchers come to this conclusion?
Researchers from the University of Southern California analyzed data of over 56,000 cases from Chinese patients infected with C-19. They also examined around 2,400 influenza cases from Europe, North America, and the Southern Hemisphere.

However, let’s keep in mind that not everyone presents the precise same symptoms. Therefore, these results should be taken as a guideline. These guidelines can be helpful, especially for doctors to exclude other possible illnesses and treat patients from C-19.

Nevertheless, if anyone believes that they may have coronavirus regardless of the order of the symptoms should seek medical attention promptly.