Private Social Gatherings Are Causing This New Surge in Cases

We are a social people, so I understand why restricting small gatherings is tough, especially when you feel so safe. While we know large gatherings are also a huge spreader, health officials are now noticing a link to small gatherings of 6-10 people as well.  Why the change? Because when we gather with people we are familiar with we tend to skip masks and we don’t physically distance. The familiarity makes us feel safe. Plus they don’t look sick so it feels safe. It is easy to assume they are making the same precautions as you and because it’s a small group you may also believe the odds are in your favor. But the virus does not care how safe you feel and it will spread if it can. That is it’s only objection.  Plus 40% of infected people do not show symptoms. That is important to remember.


Thanksgiving is concerning, especially as Canada had a relatively low number of cases, but they surged after they celebrated Thanksgiving.  This makes it critical that we tighten up our circles.  We should not host large family gatherings if we can help it.  It is impossible to wear masks and eat or drink.

Your Own Household

My advice I’m about to share is for every big holiday we have coming up.  Just because someone is a friend or family member doesn’t mean we should feel safe or put them at risk. Instead, try a zoom call dinner, setup everyone on a big zoom, and eat your dinner separately. I know it’s hard but we have to stop the spread.