Not only is SUGAR unhealthy for those with DIABETES…

There is a national EPIDEMIC of blood sugar related illnesses. SUGAR is also a contributing culprit of inflammation which is the ROOT CAUSE of nearly all CHRONIC DISEASES.

Woman on scale with donut and apple - healthy eating choices

So many of my patients are working hard to live a healthier lifestyle and they share with me their FRUSTRATION with not being able to resist desserts.

One of the most important steps we can take to REDUCE blood sugar is to honor that need for something sweet WITH something that’s healthy. But finding healthy (and delicious) desserts can be tough. In a perfect universe there would be a SOLUTION for this, right? And now…there is!

My Diabetic Desserts Cookbook Gives You Delicious Options!

Making a swap by replacing yummy sugary desserts with equally yummy (lower sugar) desserts is a simple way to improve your overall health, gain more energy and even trim your waistline.

My passion is providing tools and information to empower others to improve their health. My Diabetic Desserts Cookbook allows me to support you in your journey toward better health.


My full color cookbook is packed with dozens of familiar favorites PLUS delicious new recipes developed to allow you to treat yourself AND make healthy choices at the same time.

  • Cookies & Baked Goods
  • Puddings & Gelatins
  • Ice Cream & Sherbet
  • Shakes
  • Pies & More

DELICIOUS desserts that support not only diabetics but for anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and cut down on sugar while still satisfying any sweet tooth.


Key Ingredient Health Benefits

Our health starts with what we eat and my cookbook is full of not just delicious recipes but powerful ingredients to support your health. I share the health benefits of many of the key ingredients used throughout my cookbook so you can learn more about what you are putting into your body.

Diabetic Desserts Cookbook Key Ingredient Health Benefits
Get Dr. Nandi's Diabetic Desserts Cookbook - Dessert Recipes for Everyone!

I have created my DIABETIC DESSERTS COOKBOOK not only for diabetics, but anyone striving to avoid unnecessary sugar in their diet.

Partha Nandi MD FACP is a practicing gastroenterologist in Detroit, MI and an International Best Selling Author. He is also the Chief Health Editor at WXYZ (ABC) Detroit and the creator and host of Emmy Award-winning healthy lifestyle television series, “The Dr. Nandi Show” which is delivered to over 95 million households and seen in 90 countries worldwide. His Facebook page has over 1 million followers, and his video segments have been watched by more than 1.5 million viewers.

Dr. Nandi is a renowned international speaker whose motivational talks have inspired countless audiences to become their own #HealthHero. His mission is to empower families and individuals with knowledge and confidence to take ownership over their health choices. He tackles the tough questions, stimulating conversations, and showcases options and resources to help humanity to confidently make their most informed choices for long life and best health.