Infant recently hospitalized for turning blue because of Covid-19

As a parent, this is incredibly concerning.  Here are the facts, During feeding a two-year-old was choking and turning blue so their parents rushed it to the emergency room. The infant showed no signs of Covid prior to this event and had no reason to be checked or tested, but after a series of checks, it was found that they were covid positive. In addition, it was revealed that the infection has caused heart failure symptoms and which meant they needed fluid resuscitation and mechanical ventilation for respiratory failure. Despite the youth of the child, the doctors were able to get special approval to administer Remdesivir.  That is an anti-viral medication usually only used in children 12 years or older. Luckily the child survived and is in recovery.

Covid vs Anything Else

The doctors did an ECG which showed myocardial injury related to the viral infection.  Which proved that the heart issues were directly a result of covid, not previous health issues.

Adults with Heart Symptoms

About  20% and 30% of adults who get sick with Covid-19 may have heart problems. Myocardial injury has been found to be common in COVID-19 patients. But here’s the bottom line…People need to understand that heart issues and heart failure are some of the symptoms of covid in children And while it’s incredible that this child survived, others may not. So even though many children may have mild symptoms or no symptoms, that does not mean that yours will. And your top priority should be keeping your child safe. So once again, wear masks, wash your hands, stay inside.