Rising Test Numbers are Not Due to More Testing

If we compare September to October, the numbers are extremely different in Michigan.  The state of Michigan conducted just over 813,000 tests between Sept. 1 and Sept. 26. In that same time in October, 1 million tests were conducted. That roughly translates to a 23% increase of Testing. In September we had roughly 15,800 positive cases of Covid-19. IN October those numbers skyrocketed, with just over 29,000 positive cases. That is an 87% rise in positive cases!  That’s a huge spike!  So these numbers are very concerning.

Why Cases Are Going Up

Part of the issue is the schools reopening and universities starting up. There is a large spike in numbers mong young people. There have been 30 new outbreaks reported in schools and 29 were kids under the age of 18.  But it isn’t just the educational system, many people are reporting cases from workplaces, care facilities, and religious gatherings. Some are also being associated with social gatherings.

The Jump in Numbers

Unfortunately, this rise means death numbers are also rising.  A rise in hospitalizations often leads to a rise in the death numbers.  But let’s look at the numbers. In September their were 503 people hospitalized in Michigan. In October we had 1,400 people hospitalized.  Looking at deaths, September had 289 people who died from COVID-19. October has almost 450 deaths.   So the rise in numbers is very concerning.  Now is the time to stay vigilant. Wear your mask. Stay at home as much as possible.