New Experimental Antibody Cocktail Show Promise

Cocktail just means there is more than one ingredient.  So with Regeneron’s antibody cocktail, which is called REGN-COV2, there are two antibodies rolled into one treatment.  One of the antibodies in this cocktail is a monoclonal antibody which hones in on the coronavirus’ spike protein. This is good because that spike is what the virus uses to enter human cells.  The reason behind using two antibodies is that they will hopefully work well together –  to bind and to neutralize the virus. So that it can’t replicate.

Positive Results

Here is what we know so far. There were 1,000 participants split into two groups.  One group is seropositive.  Which means they have immune systems with the ability to fight the virus naturally.  And the other group is seronegative, meaning these patients have immune responses that have not yet built up an adequate immune response to the virus.  Now, the early results only involve 275 patients. None of those were so ill that they needed to be hospitalized.  And here’s the good news.  The data released suggests that REGN-COV2 not only helped symptoms but also shortened the amount of time that patients were ill.  And best of all, the patients who did not have the stronger immune systems had the best results.

Side Effects

So far, there are no side effects or safety concerns.  But it is way too soon to tell.  We need more data. We need more people to be treated with this experimental antibody cocktail.  And we need this study to be peer-reviewed. Because it usually takes about 2 months to see real issues. But I am excited and hopeful about this new idea.