Energy Healer, Intuitive and Educator

Nearly two decades ago, one quiet moment changed the course of my Life and I began a journey that has helped me to see, witness and feel many of the challenges that prevent us from living happier lives.

We all want happiness. Yet we do not always recognize how to be happy. We all want Love. Yet we do not comprehend the enormity of what Love offers. We want things to go well in our lives yet our thinking, emotions and repeated actions blind us, and our understanding becomes limited.

All we need is a way to connect to Life in a palpable way. I show you how to become connected, allowing a different perspective to unfold before you. This connection affects the totality of Life – Physically. Intellectually. Spiritually. Emotionally.

I teach people how to establish and maintain a direct connection to our Living Earth, literally helping us to “stand on solid ground.” Body. Mind. Spirit. And Emotions. This provides an understanding that there are simple things that can be done every day, throughout the day, to loosen the grip of worn out thinking, unhealthy beliefs and limiting emotions. Healing is an inside job and we need healthy thinking and actions to influence our choices so that we can begin to heal our world and ourselves.

I introduce you to who you really are – so that you can begin to loosen the ties that have held you back from healing on many levels. Life is a beautiful Gift.

Elaine is available to speak to both large and small groups.  For appointments please call 248-514-5853.

Author of the books:
The Angels and Me
Spirit Awakening – Wisdom for Life and Living

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