She is passionate, a fighter, inspirational and Erin Merryn is our latest Dr. Nandi Health Hero . Erin has made it her mission in life to give children a voice and to make sure that sex offenders are put out of business. She was raped just a few weeks before her 7th birthday and the memories today are still vivid. Erin was brutalized for two years and threatened into being quiet. When her family moved, she thought she was safe but little did she know that the abuse would continue at the hands of a cousin. Her older cousin told her to be quiet and that no one would believe her story. It wasn’t until her younger sister came to her and spoke out about her abuse at the hands of the older cousin as well. This is when Erin decided that her life had a purpose and it was to take a stand again evil and to make sure the voiceless had a voice! Erin is a published author of the book “Stolen Innocence” and she now flies around the country to put a face and voice to this silent epidemic. Erin is waging war against this silent evil!

Erin has a strength that is inspirational and empowering. She has taken her tragedy and turned it around into a triumph and for this , Erin Merryn is our latest Dr. Nandi Health Hero

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