Looking at Maria Rea, you would never guess that she is anything but the strong confident Founder and CEO of MY Media & Publishing Group and Creator/Publisher of MY Authentic Life magazine. But for years Maria battled many fears that stemmed from growing up in an unhealthy home environment with an abusive alcoholic father. She clearly remembers as a young girl, protecting her mother while her angry father made threats with a gun in his hand.  She became afraid to go to school, afraid what other children would think of her or her home life.  As she grew older, she became fearful of her choices in men and what kind of mother she would be.  Fears sprung up as time went on and made life difficult for her.

When she was 16, Maria became aware that fear was running her life and that changed needed to happen.  There comes a time in your life when you just have to figure something else out. People get paralyzed by fear and become afraid to take steps forward.  Maria feels it’s important to make that first step, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or little. She says that after you take the first step, the next ones become easier. She is now a successful businesswoman and if she had not taken that first step, who knows where she would be today. This is why Maria Rea is this week’s Health Hero.