The Keiths are loving, caring and powerful family. By being a supportive family to their son, they have also become a source of comfort and love for many people around the world. Assigned female at birth, Roz and Richard Keith named their daughter Olivia. Olivia was always perceived as a tomboy with “male” preferences. At the age of 14, Hunter came out as transgender after a haircut. When many families panic or are afraid, the Keiths embraced their son and in doing so, embraced others going through the same thing.

The Keiths felt it was necessary to aid others and support transgender youth with their non-profit called “Stand with Trans”. Not only does it offer support, but it gives them tools to feel empowered, more confident to go out into the world and live authentically. Because of the Keiths, transgender youths now have source of strength, love and compassion that they may be seeking and because of this, they are our Health Heroes of the week!

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