FDA’s Advisory Committee Has Approved Pfizer for Emergency Authorization

Incredible news today as the Pfizer Vaccine is approved for emergency use. The meeting, which was quite long, consisted of Pfizer scientists who present all their data about the safety and effectiveness of the new vaccine. They also showed how it was save for a diversity of ethnic types and backgrounds, including those with underlying health conditions. During this time FDA officials were able to ask any questions they have and clarify some important details. At the end of the day the votes 17-4 with one absentation in favor of the vaccine.

Not a Unanimous Vote

Of course I just recently wrote about the concerns we have seen regarding allergic reactions in the United Kingdom however both of those cases recovered without any lasting damage. It is not surprising that this issue was brought up and discussed for more clarification. They have also confirmed that the vaccine will come with an allergic reaction warning for those who are known to have suffered from anaphylactic shock before. There is one other concern that centered around 16 and 17-year-olds. Some felt there was not enough data regarding those two are groups and their reaction to the shot. So they believed the age group should be raised to 18 as a precaution. Pfizer responded to this by citing their current study of children 12 years of age and older. So hopefully there will be more data on that coming soon. One more concern was the effect this will have on transmission rates. The vaccine has been shown to block symptoms but we aren’t sure if it will actually stop the spread.

 70% Immunized to Achieve Herd Immunity

It is true that %70 of people must be vaccinated to reach what would be called “herd immunity”. This means it will take months for actual regulations to change. Experts are predicting we can expect a “return to normal” by fall 2021.

Obviously, there are still a lot of unknowns with this vaccine. But given the state of the world, the side effects of the vaccine far outweigh the intensity of this virus.