Originally grown in Central and South America, cayenne peppers were brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus in the 15th century. Cayenne peppers are a type of chili pepper belonging to the nightshade family of flowering plants. They are closely related to bell peppers and jalapenos. The cayenne pepper has been used for medicines for hundreds of years.

May Help Increase Metabolism

Recent research has found that cayenne peppers may help people lose weight because of the capsaicin in the pepper. It has metabolism-boosting properties. Studies have found that cayenne peppers help increase the amount of heat produced by the body which can make you burn more calories per day. It is called diet-induced thermogenesis, which has been shown to increase metabolism.  

Reduces Hunger

Research suggests that cayenne peppers can reduce your hunger. They may help you feel full longer and help you eat less. Researchers believe that the capsaicin found in the cayenne peppers reduces the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. In a recent study, participants who ate cayenne peppers ate 10 percent less and those who drank a capsaicin-containing drink ate 16 percent less. The same people claimed to feel full longer.

Helps The Digestive System

For years, cayenne peppers have been known to be a wonderful digestive aid. The peppers stimulate the digestive tract which increases the flow of enzyme production as well as gastric juices. This increase helps the body be able to metabolize food and toxins more efficiently. Recent research has found that cayenne pepper is great for relieving intestinal gas by stimulating intestinal peristaltic motion. The motion is known to assimilate and eliminate intestinal gas.

May Reduce The Chance of Ulcers

For many years, people have believed that spicy foods such as cayenne peppers cause ulcers but recent studies have found that we may have to change our thinking. In a recent study, researchers found that capsaicin helps to kill the bacteria that can be a cause of ulcers. These ulcers found on the stomach lining or small intestine won’t be able to form due to the protective effect the cayenne pepper has against the harmful bacteria.

Improve Your Sex Life

Cayenne Peppers and the capsaicin they contain has been found to enhance flow by stimulating the production of nitric oxide. Studies have found the nitric oxide is one of the most important needs for a stronger erection in men. The nitric oxide and stronger erection coincides with an improvement in sexual ability.