23 Million Frontline Workers Will Most Likely Be the First Vaccinated

A group called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices made the suggestions.  The committee consists of 14 experts in fields like vaccinology, virology, and immunology.  They have all voted 13-1 in favor of the recommendation.

Who Voted Against

The only concern that came up was the fact that the vaccine when distributed to the elderly (who would also be first in line) was not a large enough section of the original study and therefore my experience unknown side effects. While I do understand the concern, the fact of the matter is that there is roughly 3-million elderly in care facilities and almost 40% of COVID deaths are in elder patients. They need to be protected. And so far there is no evidence that the vaccines are unsafe for the elderly. However, the FDA is still gathering data and if they find anything then the recommendation may change. In addition, the CDC can decide to ignore the recommendation. After that, it is up to the States to decide who gets what, when.

After Phase 1a, who would be next?

Right now there is a 4-phase plan in place:

A. Frontline workers and care facilities

B & C. Essential workers, emergency personnel, and folks at risk of severe complications due to underlying health conditions.

D. General public.

The United Kingdom has become the first country to approved Pfizer’s vaccine

Britain has approved Pfizer’s vaccine for emergency use.  800,00 doses should be sent there soon from Belgium. Then they will start their own rollout. It was approved first in Britain because the FDA validates the results by reviewing thousands of pages of data.  Whereas European regulators tend to rely more on the vaccine companies’ reports. So we must be patient but it is expected to be approved soon.