Help us Celebrate the Survivors and Achievers
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A #HealthHero has discovered the difference between a successful outcome and a life overtaken by illness or adversity… It’s time to Celebrate those who Choose to Live a Conscious Life!

At Ask Dr. Nandi! we developed the term #HealthHero as our way to describe these glorious individuals. These people have literally saved their own lives by making their health the #1 priority. Their experience with the challenges in their lives, and their well-being, made clear the devastation awaiting those that took it for granted.

The least we can do is take a few minutes each week to celebrate them, the challenges they have overcome, and the healthy, spiritual life they have chosen to live. What defines a #HealthHero? They are people who choose to live with:

The #HealthHero always puts health and well-being first. With a commitment to prevention and an advocacy for the well-being of others, the #HealthHero thrives. It is a way of life that is deeply satisfying and transcends the perceived chaos of the 21st Century. The #HealthHero doesn’t fall for fad diets and wrinkle creams… The #HealthHero is occupied with greater endeavors: Making a healthier, more positive world for all of us.

Help us celebrate the #HealthHero in your life – whether yourself or someone you know – as we feature a new #HealthHero every week!