Holiday Cheer Cranberry Mocktail

Healthy Holiday Cheer Cranberry Mocktail

Use organic ingredients whenever possible.

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  • Yield: Serves 6 1x


1 1/2 inch slice fresh ginger, sliced thinly

2 sprigs fresh rosemary

3/4 cup 100% cranberry juice

24 oz. live Kombucha (Original or ginger flavored)

1/6 cup fresh cranberries for garnish


  • Using 6 glasses of your choice, fill with ice and set aside.
  • Using a large pitcher, add ginger and rosemary and muddle.
  • Add cranberry juice and kombucha.
  • Stir to evenly combine.
  • Pour into glasses and garnish with sprig of rosemary and fresh cranberries.

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Holiday Cheer Cranberry Mocktail