Mark Steins:Welcome back board certified Gastroenterologist and internist who is on a mission. His mission is to improve people’s lives with just a few easy steps. Please welcome toe the show Partha Nandi.


Debbie Matenopo:Hi doctor, thank you for being here.


Mark Steins:Okay so you talked about becoming your own health hero, what do you mean by that?


Dr.Partha Nandi:A lot of times I do talks in front of patients and also young people and I ask them, who’s your hero? Often I hear LeBron James.


Debbie Matenopo:Right.


Dr.Partha Nandi:Or sometimes Justin Bieber.


Mark Steins:Sure.


Dr.Partha Nandi:Or Taylor Swift.


And I say, “How come you don’t make yourself the hero of your story?” So that’s the idea. I tell them, “Listen, you want to make yourself the hero of your story and then health heroes take their health in their own hands and make that their story.” So health heroes basically make that the number one priority. And every day you do activities to make yourself and really be advocates for yourself to become a health hero. And to me I’m not talking about crazy diets or fad workouts. I’m not talking about taking one potion and one pill. I’m talking about simple changes you can make every day to do it consistently and results in big changes.


Debbie Matenopo:And you say there’s five steps you should take to make yourself your health hero, so what is that?


Dr.Partha Nandi:That’s right. For me the number one is purpose. My dad he was a big hero of mine, big strong guy and all of a sudden had a stroke about nine years ago, my whole world changed when that happened.


Debbie Matenopo:Wow.


Dr.Partha Nandi:I thought I was a good doctor, I thought I knew how to take care of patients, but I became his caregiver. I spent nights in the hospital and what I learned was that I didn’t know a lot. And so I said, “What happens to people on the other side?” These are the things we need to teach them. So I had a lot of purpose and that purpose led to my community, my family, my city to develop that whole idea of being your own health hero.


Debbie Matenopo:That’s good.


Dr.Partha Nandi:So when you have purpose in your life this follows, right?


Debbie Matenopo:Right.


Dr.Partha Nandi:That’s the first step. And when you have purpose you can eat mindfully, you can move with purpose, you can cultivate your mind and then use your tribe. And here’s the thing, when you have those five steps you are an amazing hero.


Debbie Matenopo:Right.


Dr.Partha Nandi:To me Batman’s my ultimate hero, right?


Mark Steins:Right.


Dr.Partha Nandi:Cause he doesn’t really have any super powers, right?


Debbie Matenopo:Yeah.


Dr.Partha Nandi:You take the belt off and his car that’s always dinged up, he’s got nothing.


Mark Steins:Yeah.


Debbie Matenopo:That’s true.


Dr.Partha Nandi:So, health heroes take all the tools to basically defeat the enemies of good health, that’s how I tell my patients. You do everything you can do advocate for yourself. But if you do those five steps, start with purpose, I think you can really make an impact.


Debbie Matenopo:Wow. That’s very good.


Mark Steins:Let’s go to the [inaudible 00:02:23], do you have a question?


Speaker 4:Is there any correlation between migraines and inflammation?


Dr.Partha Nandi:A lot of my patients actually through the years I’ve had thousands of patients that have had migraines that have really crippled them. And sometimes what they think is … I had a patient named Roberta and she basically thought all there was, was drugs. And I told her, “There’s so much more you can do.” Number one is this action. From the plate to your mouth.


Speaker 4:Wow, right.


Dr.Partha Nandi:What you put in your food is going to make a huge difference. For migraines Omega 3’s, so good fish, nuts and seeds will be awesome, also lean meat. I like vegetable source of protein, so we’re talking about legumes, lentils. I think legumes should get more love.


Debbie Matenopo:Really?


Dr.Partha Nandi:There’s so much nutrients. Yeah, my son actually who’s five years old will not have dinner if he doesn’t have legumes at dinner.


Speaker 4:Wow, that’s awesome.


Dr.Partha Nandi:[crosstalk 00:03:15] lentils yeah.


Speaker 4:That’s an awesome habit.


Dr.Partha Nandi:The other thing is that stress, right? We have so many people that hae stress and stress can make migraines go crazy. So what I tell them is that, “Take a step out and then try to meditate. Do something to help you to decrease the stress.” My message is that we don’t just tell the doctors, “Can you give me yet one more pill?”


Speaker 4:Right.


Debbie Matenopo:Right.


Dr.Partha Nandi:Yet, one more procedure, but rather what you want to do is you say, “How can I change my diet? How can I change my lifestyle?” And be your own health hero to change even a condition like migraines.


Speaker 4:Right.


Debbie Matenopo:Doctor I know that Matt has a question about stress.


Matt:Why are you laughing?


Debbie Matenopo:I’m not, I’m not.


Matt:Stress yes, and meditation because I know you’re big on meditation.


Dr.Partha Nandi:Huge.


Matt:And this might come as a shocker but I’m not a very zen guy. Do I have to like surround myself with candles or sit on a mountain like next to a pillow or something? What do I have to do?


Dr.Partha Nandi:I’ll tell you today I was delayed by four hours at the airport


Debbie Matenopo:Oh my goodness.


Dr.Partha Nandi:I practiced meditation cause they told me the bathroom wasn’t working. So I’ll tell you when my patients come to me they’re like you, they’re like kind of manly men. They’re like, “Listen …


Matt:Thank you.


Dr.Partha Nandi:… I told you manly men, right. “I just want something to help me with stress can you give me some Xanax, some medicine?”


What I tell them is you don’t have to go to a mountain top sit cross legged and go ohm. That’s not what it is.




Dr.Partha Nandi:You can practice meditation anywhere, all you have to do is first concentrate on your breath. And if you can concentrate on your breath then that’s the first step. And it doesn’t mean that you have to breathe perfectly it’s that when you concentrate on your breathe guess what you’re not concentrating on? Everything else that’s happening.


Speaker 6:Yes.


Dr.Partha Nandi:And that you start off with and then you become an expert meditator. Just give me five minutes a day and it will change your life.


Speaker 4:I was just about to ask that.


Dr.Partha Nandi:Five minutes.


Speaker 4:Just about to ask that.


Dr.Partha Nandi:It will change your lie.


Speaker 6:Cause your not thinking about [crosstalk 00:04:55].


Dr.Partha Nandi:We went to the Detroit Police Department, did a mobile mediation unit. Changed. Their blood pressure and heart rate changed within minutes.


Mark Steins:Wonderful.


Debbie Matenopo:I think we should try it right now, you ready Matt?




Mark Steins:Really?


Debbie Matenopo:Ommmm.


Matt:You don’t have to do that you just have to concentrate on your breath.


Mark Steins:Thank you much. Ask Dr. Nandi is available on September 12th wherever books are sold. Thank you so much.


Dr.Partha Nandi:Hey, thank you.


Debbie Matenopo:Worked for me, it works. Thank you doctor.