A survey company asked 3,000 people who worked from home for tips BEFORE the crisis about the best ways to stay focused and motivated. It seems like the best and most common advice was taking a break is good and you must have a routine for your day. The survey found that there are 8 tips that can help create a good and motivating work environment at home.

The Top 8 Working From Home Tips

1.  Don’t forget to take breaks This was the most common piece of advice given.

2.  Develop a routine.  You can’t just drift through every day without a plan.

3.  Create a home office space.  It doesn’t have to be a separate room.  You can make your dining room table your work table. It is much better than trying to work from your bed.

4.  Get up and move around.  When you are taking a break, don’t stay on your computer.   You have to give your eyes a rest, and your muscles a chance to stretch.

5.  Set clear boundaries between work and play.  Do your best to separate your free time from your work hours.  Create specific times each day for work and for fun. And follow them each day.

6.  Turn the TV off.  It’s important to avoid distractions. Music is a great motivator while working from home.

7.  Get dressed.  Most people who answered the survey said it’s too hard to get in the right mindset if you’re always in sweat clothes or pajamas.

8.  Keep in touch with co-workers.  Take some time to call and email the people you work with. It is great just to call and to say ‘hi’ and catch up.

How To Be Motivated While Working From Home