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Jenny McCarthy:Welcome back to The Jenny McCarthy Show. I’m Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg. God, that was fun to talk about the Housewives. For those that don’t watch the show, I am so sorry. They had to get loud. I just feel so good. I love our next guest and what she’s talking about because this is something that I’ve been preaching about: intimacy, how important it is, how it takes your love to the next level. Ask Doctor Nandi, the TV show schedule is on the website. You can go on Twitter @askdrnandi. He is joining us right now. Hi doctor.


Dr. Nandi:How are you?


Jenny McCarthy:Good. How are you?


Dr. Nandi:I’m doing great. It’s very cold, but I enjoyed your Ed Sheeran song.


Jenny McCarthy:Aww. Thank you very much. I love this. Okay, so the keys to living a longer, up to eight years longer, in fact, healthier and ultimately happier life may be found in your bedroom. I love that this is like scientifically proven. It turns out that it’s not just us that adore sex, it turns out sex loves us right back. What does it actually do for our bodies?


Dr. Nandi:Go to my blog, which you talk about the website is that have more sex. People know this already, but now we know scientifically that there’s a couple of things you actually can boost your immune system because it actually increases some of the cells that help your immune system. Anybody who has had sex know you use some big muscles, so then that gets blood to your heart and your brain.


It also helps cardiovascular disease. It helps you decrease heart attacks. Helps you with cardiovascular health, so and in general, it just keeps you happier. I think the act is really important, but I really think what goes behind it is having a stable, sexual relationship with a partner that you can trust. I think that’s the key is that when you have a partner and you’re engaging in that sexual activity or hugging and kissing, that’s the key.


The act is, of course, physically important, but more important than that is the stuff that you get from having a partner that’s stable and somebody you can really trust-


Jenny McCarthy:That you care about.


Dr. Nandi:Yeah, exactly.


Jenny McCarthy:I get that because I can feel the hormone coming out of me when I’m in love and hugging and cuddling. You know what I mean? I forgot what the name of it … oxytocin, whatever it’s called.


Dr. Nandi:You’re right. You got it. You got it.


Jenny McCarthy:You can actually feel it versus a casual fling. I don’t have that hormone release in a casual one-night-stand, let’s call it, but in my love of my life marriage soul mate, I absolutely feel how it’s helping my body. I do feel like there’s no doubt because I have this level of intimacy, I’m going to live longer.


Dr. Nandi:Exactly, and here’s the thing, you know. Even puckering up with somebody that you love, if you do it 30 seconds a day, it helps your dental hygiene. I mean, imagine that? It actually could help your teeth, help your oral hygiene when you’re puckering up. The hugging and the kissing together along with sexual activity, that’s what gives you that eight years, which, I tell you, Jenny, when I was looking at this, I was frankly surprised.


It’s more effective than cholesterol medications. It’s even more effective than high blood pressure medications. Eight years is a ton, so I think that if we tell people about having sexual relationships and having meaningful relationships, but also, you know? You’ve been there, right? A lot of people have been there. You’ve been married to someone for a while. You kind of take it for granted and you don’t do those things you did when you dated.


What I’m urging people to do is [inaudible 00:04:52] even if you’re not having sex every day, I encourage you to do it, but if you’re not, just at least hug and kiss. Even that by itself can improve … it can actually decrease you getting colds. It can decrease you getting some infections. It improves your immune system, so I think it’s amazing. This kind of research is amazing.


Jenny McCarthy:You know what? I encourage people to try it out and test it out because I have been doing this with my son. He always says, “I want you to live forever.” I said, “Then you have to hug me 30 seconds a day,” and we do. We have this 30 seconds a day hug and he’s like, “Why is it 30 seconds?”


I go, “Because it releases a hormone. Because I love you so much and I can feel the hormone and I know you can feel it too because you love me.” He’s like, “I do. I love you.” I mean, I’ve been doing this for years, so now he’s so used to it, but we do this silent 30 minute squeeze hug and now he’s brainwashed into thinking it’s going to make him live longer than myself, but it’s true.


Dr. Nandi:It really is and what it does also, is there’s something called ‘the fight or flight response.’ We all have it, so the way I explain it is that throughout history, we wanted to have lunch and not be lunch. What that means is that if something’s chasing us, we get this response when we were in that time, that we were getting that response and your blood pressure goes up, your heart rate goes up. Well, that still happens when you have stress at a microscopic level.


Well, this is the thing. When you have hugging, kissing, great sexual relationships with your significant other, guess what happens? That fight or flight response goes down, so those hormones that increase your blood pressure, increase your heart rate, really ravaging your body, it actually goes down. In our country, heart disease is the number one killer, right? One of the reasons why is because you got this fight or flight response, the stress that we all know that life gives you, it increases.


Just a simple act like you’re doing with your son is fantastic because what it’s going to do is teach him this habit of doing it. Then, when he’s an adult and he’s older, then it’ll help him to decrease the risk of diseases that are killing us. Something as simple having a relationship. It doesn’t have to be with your husband or your wife. It can be with your son. It can be with a friend, if you’re just hugging. Even that reduces your stress level and the hormones like cortisol, it’s called ATCH, those come way down. I think it’s really cool.


Jenny McCarthy:I do and you’re not talking about, and I just want to emphasize this, it’s not about the orgasm. We all know we get a release from that, the euphoria. This is the other type of hormone.


Dr. Nandi:That’s exactly right. Here’s what I’ll tell you, through. A fact is when you have with somebody meaningful, but even if you’re doing the act with somebody you’re kind of meaningful with, meaning that you’re having some sexual activity, which is still healthy. It still helps you with cardiovascular activity. It still helps with part of your immune system, but you’re absolutely right. When you have something more intimate, those hormones that are released and they’re affecting your body, that’s what gives you the eight years of longevity.


Jenny McCarthy:Right.


Dr. Nandi:Even if you have simple sexual activity, and even if you’re hugging people that you’re not as close as for example, your significant other, that still releases. The human connection the we have, human beings, in general, are not creatures that live alone. We live in tribes, right? When you have that tribal connection, even if it’s not as intimate as your significant other, it still gives you a positive effect. You’re absolutely right. To get the best effect, you got to do it with somebody you really care about.


Jenny McCarthy:Exactly. Then, are you having to spread this message now more than ever because of smartphones and social media? I feel like we’re all detaching from each other.


Dr. Nandi:It is. It’s a mixed bag. In one hand, people are … don’t even talk to each other because they’re texting across the room. On the same token, because of social media and digital media, I’m able to spread this message a little easier than I could before. Before, it would always be television or radio, which are great, but now I can do a blog on … and people can see it in their smartphone.


I think it’s a mixed bag, but you’re absolutely right. People and their social connections have decreased the physical intimacy has decreased because you’ve been there, right? You’re sitting and eating a meal with your husband or somebody else and across from you are people texting the entire time and that didn’t happen before, which is for a lack of a better word, it sucks because they’re missing out on all the stuff we’re talking about.


Just the conversation and then the intimacy that that brings, that improves your health. More than half the drugs we’re taking, we spend trillions in this country on drugs and all this other stuff, but something as simple as what we’re talking about, can actually do more for your body than all of those combined. That’s why I absolutely agree. I think there’s a crisis, but what I also think that social media and digital media allow people like myself to spread the message, especially people like your son who are still in the formidable stages meaning that they can learn and change their habits.


I think you can change your habits at any age, but I love for our kids … I tell our kids, I have a 13 year old and I tell her this, “You need to have more personal relationships rather than just texting somebody. Call them up. Talk to them and just be around them.” I think that it’s a mixed bag, but in general, we need to get better at communicating and being a little bit more personal with people.


Jenny McCarthy:I 100% agree and my son is the perfect teacher of that too because whatever I teach him, he throws right back in my face. If I’d be like, “Put down your phone.” He’s like, “You put down your phone.” That’s why I did start the hugging thing and it’s been working great and I highly encourage people to give it a try for Lent this year. Instead of giving something up, I started to include something, which was with my husband.


I said, “For Lent, let’s make out every night for a minute,” because like you said, with marriages, you tend to not do that anymore. You do it during sex only and we’ve been doing it every night and it’s just really a beautiful thing. I feel those hormones, so I’m going to live until I’m 150, hopefully. Doctor, thank you so much for joining us. Is he there still or did you hang up on him, David?
Dr. Nandi. Thank you so much. The book is coming out soon. I hope you come back to promote it. You guys can go on Twitter at @askdrnandi or on Instagram, @askdrnandi. We’re going to come right back.
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