Did you know that our Celebrity Health Hero, Jillian Michaels not only battles endometriosis, but polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)? Jillian rose to fame as a tough trainer on “The Biggest Loser”.  Through her books and appearances she announced that she was having these battles after she was criticized for saying she would much rather adopt than put her body through all of the physical challenges of being pregnant.

PCOS happens when a woman’s female sex hormones are not balanced. It can cause changes to the menstrual cycle and the skin. Many times small cysts occur in the ovaries. Women with PCOS usually have trouble getting pregnant.

Michaels took charge of her diagnosis and works at managing her symptoms by eating organic foods cooked in a healthy manner.  She’s very keen on keeping her body in great shape with regular exercise. Michaels regularly speaks out about PCOS and is helping others find treatments and ways to become their own Health Heroes. We are proud to call Jillian Michaels our Celebrity Health Hero.