JJ Virgin Fought For Her Sons Life and Found A Miracle Mindset

Some have called JJ Virgin inspirational. Some have called her powerful. Others have called her inspiring. I call her this week’s Health Hero because JJ Virgin is all those things and more. She has made her mission in life to empower others to thrive and become better versions of themselves. Facing a potentially horrible tragedy when her son was stuck by a hit and run driver, JJ Virgin found a hidden power to not only be strong through her crisis but found an inner strength and conviction to become a mentor to others. JJ Virgin was told by doctors that she was facing the loss of her son due to his injuries from the accident at the same time she was launching her first book. With all her strength and determination, JJ Virgin decided she was not going to accept what the doctors had to say and she knew it was time to fight. She fought for her son, she fought for her book and then she became an advocate for anyone who wants to transform their lives.

The author of 4 best selling New York Times books, JJ Virgin has a message about building self-empowerment. She has a mission to empower others to reach their healthiest and happiest life. She has taken her lessons, her struggles, her experiences and her desire to create a positive message that is uplifting and truly empowering. JJ Virgin has helped millions understand their self-worth which has allowed them to transform their lives and those of the people they love. JJ Virgin is a truly inspirational woman and because of her mission and beliefs, she is a Health Hero!

Learn more about JJ Virgin at JJVirgin.com.

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