To call Kim Evans a fighter is like calling the Grand Canyon a small hole in the ground. Kim first had to fight with her husband who was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Kim stayed by his side through the whole affair and Ray lost his battle after a gruelling 12 months. Kim was in the grieving process when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Kim was alone, frightened and grieving but she has not given up. Instead she got stronger and went through a bi-lateral mastectomy. Kim has had to endure 5 months of chemotherapy and has faced radiation treatments. Because of these painful treatments, Kim was unable to work and the bills kept mounting. Kim has never given up hope, she has kept a strong belief in God and believes that she can continue to battle cancer and win. Kim has become a source of inspiration for others battling breast cancer and facing incredible challenges.

To quote Kim, “My great faith in God continues to give me hope and reminds me that I am never alone.”

Kim’s battle, strength and belief system has made her a Health Hero here at the Dr. Nandi offices.  Please watch as she shares her personal journey below.