Margot Kidder, starring actress in the original “Superman” movies, died on March 13th at age 69. One of her close friends often came to help Kidder with house cleaning. But when she arrived on Monday morning, Kidder was found dead on the couch.

The Original Lois Lane Dies

Kidder starred as Lois Lane, Superman’s favorite girl, in the entire “Superman” series. The first movie came out in 1978, and then the rest of the series was released throughout the ’80s. Kidder’s co-star, Christopher Reeve, who played Clark Kent/Superman died to infection complications back in 2004. According to statements from her representative, however, Kidder simply died peacefully during her sleep Sunday night (1).


Source: Express

The cause of Kidder’s death is currently unknown, but authorities say there is no reason for any suspicious speculation. According to Park County Attorney, Bruce Becker, there is “no concern of foul play” (2). He went on to explain that an autopsy is indeed underway, but that the results can take time.

“Toxicology can take several weeks,” Becker told newspapers (1). The procedure is simply a precaution. Reports have claimed that Kidder had recently suffered from the side effects of the flu, but Becker refused to suggest whether or not that had any influence on the actress’s death.

Kidder suffered from Bi-Polar Disorder

During Kidder’s lifetime, she openly spoke about her diagnosis with bipolar disorder (2). Using the fame she quickly gained from her appearance in the Superman movies, Kidder used her platform to raise awareness about the mental illness and became an advocate for non-medicated, alternative treatments. (3)

Kidder was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1988, years after her role in the Superman series, but she later openly admitted to rejecting the diagnosis and refusing all treatment (3). Consequently, her mental battles continued, eventually leading to her suspicious disappearance in 1996. Kidder was missing for several days. It was months after this event that Kidder went public with information about her illness. She explained that she’d disappeared during one of her severe mood swings in response to her computer crashing and losing all the files for an autobiography she was working on. It was after this episode that she finally accepted her mental illness, began treatment, and was willing to speak openly about it and its causes (3).



The Response to Kidder’s Death

After the sad news about Kidder’s passing emerged, the actress’s Superman co-star, Sarah Douglas (who played the supervillain in the first movie), paid her respects via social media. She shared a post saying, “So saddened by the news that dear #MargotKidder has died peacefully in her sleep yesterday. We continued to have fun together over the last 40 years and she was a joy to be around.”

Additionally, Mark Millar, who authored Superman: Red Son, posted, “My Louis Lane has passed away. RIP Margot Kidder. Thank you for my favorite movie ever.”

In the end, the world has not only lost an iconic, well-loved actress, but also a brave spokesman, a loyal friend, and an inspirational figure. Margot Kidder will forever be remembered for her star role in the Superman series, her courageous battle with bipolar disorder, and her ongoing openness about her illness.



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