Dr. Mary Neal is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and she is also a Dr. Nandi Health Hero. What makes Dr. Neal the Health Hero is not what she does with her practice but it is her experience of life and death and what it has taught her about living. Dr. Neal is an avid kayaker who almost lost her life in Chile doing what she loves. On a kayak trip, Dr. Neal was pinned under the water in her kayak. When they were finally able to free her, she needed CPR because her heart had stopped. Dr. Neal was always a water person who was afraid of drowning. As she lay on the banks of the river, others were performing CPR but she felt herself slipping away.

Dr. Neal has said that she never felt any fear or anxiety while she was experiencing death. As Neal slipped away from what we know as life, she said she was met by some “people” “spirits” who were part of the shift of dimension she was facing as she was getting ready to cross over. Mary Neal was filled with a sense of being home as she crossed over. She found that the “people/spirits” knew her and loved her. They were radiant and brilliant and contained an absolute love of God. Neal says they “were from God of God and were there to greet me and welcome me and take me down this incredibly beautiful path toward this its hard to its kind of impossible to describe it sot of this great doomed structure of sorts that’s similarly was absolutely exploding with this pure and complete love of God.”

As she was preparing for her final journey, she was told that she had to return to her family. She was told that she had to go back and prepare for the coming death of her oldest son. And she was told to share her experience with others. She was given a mandate to share her experience with other people and the giving of my self in that way, help other people see God in their own lives. Because it’s only when you find God working in your own life that you can make this transformation from a hope or faith to a complete trust in the promises of God which changes your life.

Dr. Mary Neal has returned back to work as an orthopedic surgeon but she has also returned back as an author and someone who is trying to help others with her life and death experience. She has made it a mission to help others both physically and spiritually and that is why she is a Dr. Nandi Health Hero

Watch Dr. Neal share her personal story below.

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