It is about 90 sites in the country that will take part in the Phase-3 vaccine trial by Moderna. Here in Michigan, at the Henry Ford Health System, the first volunteers for the coronavirus vaccine had stepped forward. However, many more are needed. Moderna’s objective is to enroll about 30,000 individuals. 

This is exciting news. For any Michigan citizen that would like to participate, this is how it works.

Participants that enroll in this study will be separated into two groups. One group will get the vaccine in two shots, 28 days apart. The other group will receive two placebo shots, a sterile saline solution.

Of course, you will not know which one you will get, so you have 50% chances to get the vaccine. Also, the study team will not know, it is a randomized double-blind study.

The study is about 25 months. Within this period it will be 7 clinic visits and 24 follow-up phone calls. Additionally, participants that complete the study will be compensated with $1000.

Can you tell us if the vaccine may cause an infection or disease? Is there a possibility of getting coronavirus from the vaccine? 

I do understand the concern about the C-19 vaccine. In many cases, vaccines are made of lessened or inactive viruses, but the coronavirus vaccine is not made that way.

The C-19 vaccine is made of ribonucleic acid (mRNA), which is a genetic code that tells cells to produce proteins aiming to increase the number of antibodies. Therefore, as this vaccine has no life or death virus, it is not capable of causing infection or disease.

However, it is a possibility of people getting the virus from infected individuals despite the fact of getting the vaccine. The objective of this vaccine trial is to observe how effective and safe traits vaccine is. 

What are the restrictions or qualifications for people who would like to volunteer for the vaccine trial?

The individuals that would like to join the study must meet the following criteria :

– You must work and live in southeast Michigan 

– You must be at least 18 years old 

– You must not have an immune-compromised system 

– You must no present any illness, this study aims to healthy adults 

– You must not be pregnant  

– You must not have had C-19 already

This study is also interested in enrolling individuals:

That because of work or other circumstances are at a high risk of getting infected by C-19

Older adults over 65 years old

Adults that have pre-existing medical conditions, but are in stable condition at the time of the screening.

If you want to learn more or sign up to be part of the study, go to