Pfizer Now Saying Its Vaccine is 95% Effective

This is fabulous as it only adds to the idea that we will be able to beat this thing.  Of the 170 cases of infections, only 8 of them were in the group that received the vaccine.  That means a huge majority of the sick patients were from the Placebo group who received saline shots. How sick were they? Ten of the group were severely sick and 9 of those cases were from the placebo group. That indicated that this vaccine not only prevents covid but also helps reduce the severity of it. The vaccine was 94% effective for folks who are 65 and older.

Safety and Side Effects

Currently, there are no severe side effects reported.  Most people responded very well with %3.7 reporting severe fatigue after the second dose.  That does surprise me a bit, but the older generations experiencing almost no side effects. And what was a bit surprising to me, was that older folks were less likely to experience side-effects.  And if they did get any, they were on the milder side.

How Cold Does the Pfizer Vaccine Need to Be?

This Monday I shared how the vaccine is temperature needs to be kept at minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit.  Much too cold for most pharmacies and clinics to handle with their current equipment. Pfizer is combatting this issue by shipping the vaccine in custom thermal containers with dry ice. Keeping it cold for 15 days.

FDA Authorization Date

If the FDA approves this vaccine it will be the first vaccine based on mRNA technology ever approved. It is a completely new science and works by having the cells make copies of the virus’ spike protein so that the much-needed protective antibodies are created. However, we should expect the FDA to take weeks to review the data. I’m sure they’ll do this as quickly as possible but caution must be taken. Also just because it is approved does not mean it will be made ready for public use.  So we all need to continue to protect ourselves and our loved ones by following safety protocols.