The New Vaccine Could Potentially Be Ready by December

This is based on their ongoing phase 3 clinical trial. So far it seems the vaccine is safe and effective with an efficacy rate of %95.  This is incredible news.  Here is what will be happening next: the FDA will review this information and analyze the data. Then a group of experts will look at the data and look at it for safety and efficiency, making sure it is ready for public use. Once they show their findings, the FDA will either approve or disapprove Pfizer’s request.

The Next Step: CDC

No one can get vaccinated until a CDC advisory committee looks at the data.  This is an independent panel of experts hired for this exact task.  The committee should come together about 24-48 hours after the FDA approves. The committee also decides who will receive the drug first and who should and shouldn’t be vaccinated. For example, pregnant women, and children younger than 12 will probably not be vaccinated as they were not apart of the study.  Now, who might be the first in line to get the shots?  I’m expecting it will be health care workers, older folks, essential workers, and people with underlying health conditions.


It has been reported that the FDA has set up meetings on December 8th through the 10th with its Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee.  We should have our yes or no around that time. If approved Pfizer says it is ready to distribute right away.  Delivering 50 million vaccines globally by the end of the year. Locations are still being worked out. If everything goes according to plan, then vaccines could start as early as late December.

How Does it Work?

I talked before about how Pfizer only tested participants who had symptoms.  Currently, Pfizer is for those who are showing symptoms and have confirmed they are COVID-19 positive but this is good news as hospitalization rates have skyrocketed. This will help those who have it get better faster.