What Treatments Is President Trump Receiving?

We know that he has received at least three.

  1. Regeneron’s experimental antibody cocktail: This mix has shown in a minor clinical trial that it can help symptoms and shorten the amount of time that a patient is ill.  But it has not yet received emergency use authorization from the FDA – unlike the next treatments he was given.
  2. Remdesivir:  This drug has shown that it can block the virus and stop it from making copies of itself.
  3. Dexamethasone:  It’s a steroid and what it does, is it works on the immune system and lowers inflammation.  And studies have shown that it can improve survival rates in severely ill patients by one third.

How Sick is President Trump?

The National Institutes of Health recommends that dexamethasone only be used for patients who need assistance breathing.  This means they are not able to breathe on their own.  We do know that President Trump was given oxygen when his oxygen saturation levels dropped. They dropped twice, at one point dipping below 94%.  And if you hit 94 or lower, you are considered to have moderate to severe COVID-19.   Usually, the steroid would not be given this soon even with the numbers dropping that low but they are being cautious.  They’re taking steps that they believe will keep the President on the right path to recovery.

Are There Side Effects?

Dexamethasone can in fact hurt the immune system and make it possible to contract secondary infections.  It can also cause confusion, mood changes, and sleep loss.  Steroids can also cause anxiety, headaches, aggression, depression, and weight gain.  But I trust that the doctors taking care of him are weighing the pros and cons before administering any medications. So far though it looks like President Trump’s case is fairly mild.  Especially since he has since posted a video on twitter and did a drive-by for his supporters. Now, anyone who has COVID – please please please – stay isolated. Do not leave your home. The more movement there is, the more potential exposure you have to others, raising their risk of getting infected.