Kendal Harding decided to take a stand for her health and lost over 100 pounds and this is why she is this week’s Health Hero. Kendal has had to battle a weight issue all her life despite being physically active. She walked. She did aerobics. She went to the gym but over time she continued to gain weight. The decision to make a change and to take a stand happened when a person close to her became concerned about her weight. Kendal’s nurse practitioner suggested a radical idea which was weight loss surgery. Kendal was scared of the idea of surgery but she had two motivating factors. Her health and an upcoming trip to Ireland.

Kendal lost 50 pounds after the first 20 weeks, and she was motivated to lose more. She says that she wanted to lose more weight so that she did not take up her seat and her cousin’s seat on the airplane. By the time it was time for her trip to Ireland, Kendal had lost 70 pounds and was determined to lose more. By the time her 1 year anniversary came, Kendal was down 100 pounds thanks to clean eating and being physically fit. Kendal looks great and feels great and because of her hard work and determination, she is this week’s Health Hero.