Most people on Valentine’s Day are making phone calls to make a reservation to a restaurant or to buy some flowers, no one wants to be calling an ambulance because their daughter is lying lifeless on the floor. This is how this week’s Health Hero had to spend February 14th in 2011, On that sad day, Sam Jawhari lost his young daughter to a heroin overdose. Sam has now become an advocate of teaching students and young adults the perils of addiction especially to heroin with his passionate presentation as part of the “Chasing the Dragon” program. Sam created the presentation to show students the dangers of drug use from a first hand experience with an emphasis on the increasing number of deaths tied to heroin.

With the loss of his young daughter, Sam Jawhari has made it a mission to share both his and Briona’s story at schools all over the country. Sam is passionate and many times with tears streaming down his face he shares that terrible night with young adults in the hopes that her dearth was not in vain. Jawhari hops that his loss and his sharing of the story will prevent others from going down the same path. These presentations are powerful, leaving Sam physically and emotionally drained afterwards for days. The presentations have been incredibly well received and are having a great impact on the students who have seen it. Jawhari says it is not easy to do but knows that if he can help just one person then all his effort will be worth it.

We are honored to call Sam Jawhari this week’s Dr. Nandi Health Hero

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