Experts voices fears that no-shows for the second shot will make most vaccinations pointless

Currently, both potential vaccines require two shots in order to be effective. For their efficiency ratings to sta stage (94% and 95% respectively), people must get the second follow up shot a few weeks apart. The concern is that after the first shot some people may think they are fine and not receive the second. Here is why that is so dangerous. Viruses are smart creatures who respond to their attackers. One-shot may not put up a proper defense. But it may be enough for the virus to learn how to defend against this vaccine.  It’s not a certainty but it could happen if enough people choose to skip the follow-up dose.

Likelihood of a Large Portion Skipping the Second Dose.

Historically %80 of the folks who got the shingles vaccine did not return for the second shot. In this case, experts predict about %30 will not return based on the reactions to the first shot which does have side-effects like flu-like reactions, fatigue, and headaches. But we have got to remember that these are only temporary and do go away.

The Second Shot

The Cdc is actually planning on giving out this information on an index card with each first shot, but I’d recommend taking a photo of it as well to remember.  The CDC also has a tracking system. It was initially created for patients to report side effects. You should be receiving texts and phone call reminders for your second appointment.