Sheryl Sandberg had it all. She was married to the man of her dreams, had two children and is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook.  Then her world changed in an instant when she found her husband dead. Sheryl was tossed into a world of sadness, grief, anxiety and worry. She has spoken out in a book entitled “Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy” about the struggle to return happiness back to her life and to her children as well.

Sandberg felt it was necessary to share her story, about her struggles, about grieving a loss. She explains that their house was filled with the cries and tears of her children and when they weren’t crying, she would cry mostly in her head while waiting for the next instant she needed to comfort her children. Sandberg began to speak with a psychologist. Sandberg says she was worried about her children and their happiness in the future so she thought she had to be resilient to endure the pain and needed to know how much she had. Her psychologist explained that the amount isn’t a fixed number instead it is a question of “how to become resilient” in a healthy manner.

Sandberg has a message for everyone. There is no proper way to grieve a loss. Everyone does it their own way and she believes in this message “”If I cannot let myself find some happiness, even in the very, very small ways, my kids were not going to recover. Because if I did not recover they were not going to recover.” Her final message that she shares with those she speaks with is “Happiness is the small stuff. It’s how we spend our days”

Her positive outlook, strength and positive outlook has made Sheryl Sandberg our Celebrity Health Hero this week.