Dr. Sue Cornbluth is a nationally recognized and certified parenting expert in high conflict parenting situations. In 2013, Dr. Sue created the consulting firm Parenting Beyond Trauma, LLC which helps parents move through and beyond their high conflict divorces and parent alienation situations.

Dr. Sue earned her reputation as a leading expert in child abuse and victims’ rights during the Jerry Sandusky trial. Her psychological commentary on the Sandy Hook Elementary shoot in Newtown, Connecticut was broadcasted nationally.

Dr. Sue’s passion is to make a difference in the lives of traumatized children by educating parents and professionals about how to help children succeed in life. She travels throughout the country speaking at conferences about her work.

Dr. Sue is a regular mental health contributor for an array of networks and television shows such as NBC, FOX and CBS. She has contributed to several national publications as well. Her new best-selling book, “Building Self-esteem in Children and Teens who are Adopted or Fostered” is available now. Recently, Dr. Sue was named one of the most “Distinctive Women” in the country by Women’s Distinctive Business Magazine. Dr. Sue holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and was a former psychology professor at Temple University. She lives outside of Philadelphia, PA with her husband and two children.

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