As a health hero, one of the most important things to Dr. Partha Nandi is your mental health.  In this episode, he tackles the incredibly tough topic of suicide with Ruth Soukup, a suicide survivor and two other guests who’s families have been touched by the loss of a loved one. 

Do you think a loved one might be contemplating suicide? Find out the signs with Dr. Suvrat Bhargave.

Plus, author Steve Simpson joins Dr. Nandi to talk about how Hollywood is changing the face of mental health awareness.

Notable Guests

Ruth Soukup

Ruth Soukup

Ruth is a wife, mom, business owner, depression survivor, and the New York Times bestselling author of six books.  She’s also the founder of Living Well Spending Less® and Elite Blog Academy® and a courage coach. Ruth has discovered that courage doesn’t mean we’re never afraid, but instead that courage is simply taking action, even in the face of fear. And she’s here to not only help people dream bigger, but to take the steps necessary to make those goals and dreams a reality.  Learn more at

Suvrat Bhargave

Suvrat Bhargave

Dr. Suvrat Bhargave, M.D. is a renowned and respected educator, speaker, and board-certified psychiatrist, specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry. His uncanny ability to relate to a multi-demographic audience has allowed his practice to reach an unparalleled level of success based on empathy, education, and empowerment. Affectionately known for his “relatable expertise”, Dr. Bhargave is highly sought after to lecture locally and nationally on a broad range of topics pertaining to personal growth, effective parenting, relationship satisfaction, and mental health conditions.

After completing his residency training and specialty fellowship from Duke University, Dr. B (as he is lovingly called by his patients) continued his practice in hospitals, community health, and private practice settings.  Learn more at

Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson is a young adult author and youth advocate who uses the history of his own abusive childhood and his story of survival to help others survive and have hope. For decades Steve has been speaking to schools and making media appearances – he entertains while giving lifesaving information. Steve has been recognized nationally for his writing and his ongoing efforts in helping youth in crisis. Steve’s books are proven to be a fantastic tool to enable young people to get help and have access to important information while at the same time entertaining his readers. His “book within a book” idea is unique and a great way to get this information to a teenager or young adult without embarrassing them.

The Teenage and Young Adult Survival Handbook covers many of the issues that young adults face today, directly addressing suicide, child abuse, children of alcoholics, bullying, and self-esteem. The Teenage and Young Adult Survival Handbook is included in all four of Steve’s exciting young adult fiction novels: Who Am I?, The World is Wrong, Child’s Island and Runaway. While the fiction stories entertain, the nonfiction part provides lifesaving information and encouragement to its young readers. Steve has spent the better part of his life consistently writing and speaking about the topics that affect our youth the most. He is passionate and knows the importance of giving hope to those burdened with the same problems he had as a child.

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