This week we celebrate Theresa Flores as our Health Hero. Theresa Flores is a story of strength and willpower. When Theresa was 15 years old and living in an upper-middle class suburb of Detroit , she was drugged, raped and tortured. She spent two years as a sex slave while attempting to pay back a debt that was nearly impossible to do. Theresa lived a double life by attending school during the day and being called into “service” each night. Her family never knew of this double life because she was trying to keep them safe. When Theresa attended school, she was forced to do so next to her traffickers.

Theresa has made it her mission to educate that sex slave trafficking does happen in North America and it happens in the city you live in. Her willpower has helped her create and organization called “S.O.A.P. which stands for “Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution”. S.O.A.P is a hands-on outreach that fights sex trafficking at large events such and in communities. The The S.O.A.P. project is specifically focused on educating and increasing awareness in the public on the prevalence of human trafficking, in order to restore trafficked survivors and to prevent teens from being victimized by domestic, minor, sex trafficking. Theresa and the trained volunteers offer soap free of charge to motels along with training to identify and report sex trafficking when they see it or suspect it. They have been involved with such events as the Super Bowl, NCAA tournaments and other major conventions

Because of her incredible strength and desire to help others, Theresa Flores is our Health Hero of the Week.

Learn more about Theresa on her website TraffickFree.