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Ask Dr. Nandi was born on a summer day in California in 2011.

Kali and I always wanted to leave a benevolent footprint on the world, bigger than the two of us and with Ask Dr Nandi, we had a plan to try to fulfill that dream. I am an immigrant born in Calcutta, India to Ruby and Uma Nandi, brilliant, hardworking parents who instilled love, dedication and a great work ethic into me. As a young child in India, my sense of empathy and gratitude was formed, seeing both the tremendous poverty and joy that is present in my native country.  To this day, I know how lucky I truly am, and how easily I could have been born in the bed next to me.  After I settled in America, my experiences as a child were essential in my success as an academic scholarship recipient, Homecoming King at Ohio State and Rhoades Scholar representative for the Buckeyes.  Medicine was a natural choice, where I could use my knowledge to help others live healthier, more fulfilled lives. As a physician, I am a believer that the mind and body are connected and true healing requires treatment of both.   As a national speaker, I was able to teach patients and physicians how to achieve the goal to excellent health care.  As a husband, father, friend and neighbor, I truly enjoy teaching my family and friends ways to help them better their health and their lives, sharing my experiences and knowledge. It is the same spirit that drives us on Ask Dr Nandi.  We want to help patients understand their health problems fully, in plain language, and help develop solutions for them and their family.  We want each show to be dedicated to an important topic affecting the health of Americans, with real patients and practicing physician experts.  Our goal is to reach all people and inform them about their health needs without sensationalism.  We will talk about difficult topics so that you can learn from them.  We’ll gather world class experts to give cutting edge solutions to difficult health problems. As advocates of the great city of Detroit, we are excited to shoot our shows here, showcasing the talents of this wonderful town. As Detroit’s doctor, I want to show the world how our great city, state and nation can help them solve their health needs. With Ask Dr Nandi, husband and wife team can help shape the health of America and the world, one family at a time.  With empathy, caring and honesty, we can truly be called America’s doctor. See you on Ask Dr Nandi – Namaste.

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Blindness Episode

Blindness Episode

Medical Miracles episode

Medical Miracles episode

Affordable Care Act Episode

Affordable Care Act Episode


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Sunday (DrTV): "Healing Power of The Mind"


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