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The Dr. Nandi TV Show is a medical lifestyle show whose mission it is to improve the health of America and the world with compassion, empathy, and integrity.

About The Dr. Nandi TV Show

The Dr. Nandi Show is unique in the world of television. Yes there are guests that share their stories and world-class experts who share their knowledge, but it is the host that makes it so special. Every episode of the Dr. Nandi Show tv show is a glimpse into the world of Dr. Partha Nandi. Airing on 7 networks, in 95 million homes in the US and over 80 countries; the Dr. Nandi show is without a doubt a global success. Dr. Nandi’s approach to discussing health care, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle not only incorporates compassion but also a sense of community, purpose and most importantly spirituality.  His tremendous ability to connect with others (even while the Ask Dr. Nandi Show is rolling) allows him to develop a bond between himself and his guests, his studio audience, the viewers at home and online. Dr. Nandi has an uncanny ability to make his fans feel like they are truly part of the “Nandi Family” and it is this reason why the Dr. Nandi tv show has an extremely loyal following. There are many shows on television that are informative but how many television shows can be life INSPIRING?

The Dr. Nandi tv show was created to provide patients and their families solutions to better their lives. He covers topics A – Z, whether it is prostate cancer, bullying, caring for the elderly or the choices in treating breast cancer, Dr. Nandi asks the tough questions where there may not be easy answers. His goal is to stimulate discussion, prompting provocative thought so the audience, patients, and families can recognize a problem and get the help they need. The Ask Dr. Nandi Show also covers important topics such as nutrition, fitness and living your best overall life.  Some countries such as the United States spend trillions of dollars annually on health care to which the majority of these illnesses and diseases are preventable. The Dr. Nandi Show encourages people to be their own Health Hero and take the preventative steps to live their best life. His credo is that if you know better then you truly can be your own “HEALTH HERO”! As a national speaker, Dr. Nandi was able to teach patients and physicians how to achieve the goal to excellent health care.

As a husband, father, friend and neighbor, Dr. Nandi truly enjoys teaching his family and friends ways to help them better their health and their lives, sharing his experiences and knowledge. It is this same spirit that drives the Ask Dr Nandi Show, find a station near you, or watch a featured episode.

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What People Are Saying About Dr. Nandi

“Hi young man, I just watched your show about single mothers and what I love most about your show is that in this day and age most shows would have turned this subject to the lowest common denominator by having a honey boo boo type mother representing the topic. Your show put before us a viable decent young lady to promote the topic!  Great show!”

Bernie Juozapaitis

“Dr. Nandi is one of those rare beings who combines high intelligence, big heart, practical suggestions, and a deep moral commitment to helping others. Watching him tape four shows over the course of a single day – a real trial by fire for anyone – and seeing his patience, good humor, and caring in a very complicated and stressful situation showed that he is also one of those rare beings who truly walks his talk. It was an honor and inspiration to participate in the Ask Dr. Nandi show!”

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., Author of Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence -

“It was a pleasure and an honor to meet Dr. Nandi and help with his mission to make a healthier world.”

Brett Hoebell,

“Ask Dr. Nandi is a show that empowers viewers to engage in one of the most powerful aspects of health care there is – Self-Care. It is informative, fun, and inclusive in its commitment to reach out to everyone interested in actively participating in their own health and well being, physically, mentally, and spiritually. As a health care professional I had a very positive experience participating in the show and would happily participate again. Two Thumbs Up!!!!”

Dr. Gail Parker, PhD, Psychologist and Yoga Educator

“Merriam Webster defines hero as, “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities and a person who is greatly admired”. Dr. Partha Nandi is the epitome of a #HealthHero whom shares his knowledge to empower the masses to sustain a healthy lifestyle. I became acquainted with the works of Dr. Nandi through the Ask Dr. Nandi TV Show social media postings. The show is not the mundane but distinct amongst others in the industry; though the host is conveying true compassion and spirituality which are key components to happiness and better health.

I have the honor of being a guest on the Ask Dr. Nandi Show discussing, “Menopausal Solutions” and overly pleased with the support afforded to me but was most impressed with the harmonious atmosphere amongst the entire crew which speaks volumes about the man leading it all. Through all the accolades spoken on the behalf of Dr. Nandi it must be noted that in Kali he has a true gem. Groucho Marx said it best and it is exemplified, “Behind every successful man is a woman, and behind her is his wife.

Dr. Nandi continue to soar and allowing the Ask Dr. Nandi TV Show to serve as a platform for your voice to bring healthy happiness to the world. Abundant blessings to you all!”

Tondochan LaSylvet