As more people turn to a vegan lifestyle, Dr. Partha Nandi explores the pros and cons of a plant-based diet.  He talks with a married couple who made the decision together to become vegans.

Plus, a nutritional expert explains the health benefits of veganism, along with the medical issues that can arise in some people who try a plant-based diet.

And a woman tells why she went vegan after giving birth to her son, and a vegan coach gives helpful tips on how to change your eating habits.

Notable Guests

Teri Griffin Williams

Teri Griffin Williams

Teri Griffin Williams, of Soul Practices, is a Reiki Master, who also carries certifications in mindfulness, shamanic healing and Pranic healing. As the host Soulful Living on the Empower Radio Network, she has interviewed experts from all over the world in fields ranging from quantum healing, meditation and mindfulness to exercise, plant based living and heart health. She is also the creator of the Shamanic Journey Practice – 30 Day Introduction to the Shamanic Journey, The Art of Impeccable Soul Care and the Learn Reiki from Home certification home study course.

Teri’s passion lies in educating people on the benefits of a mindful practice, including embracing a 100% plant based, vegan lifestyle. Her and her husband have experienced first hand the positive changes that take place in the body with nutritious plant-based foods.  Eat real food, move your body, practice something, live better – what you focus on multiplies!  Find more about Teri at

Jeffrey Williams

Jeffrey Williams

Jeffrey Williams retired 8 years ago after a successful career that included being a Firefighter/EMT, Fire Investigator and Fire Code Official for a municipal fire department.  Jeff spends his time pursuing his passions that include his wife and family, travel, photography, gardening and enjoying everything that nature has to offer.

He is also committed to living a healthy lifestyle by eating a plant-based diet, meditating, walking an average of 5 miles a day and investigating the healthiest options available for overall well being and longevity.  When he is not communing with nature, Jeffrey manages to squeeze in working as an Inventory Auditor for one of the largest retailers in the world.

Rua Francis

Rua Francis

Rua is a Detroit based artist, mom, entrepreneur and founder of Planthropie. After fleeing war in Iraq and leaving medical school in 2004, Rua spent several years in Toronto practicing preventative dental care and nutritional counseling. She then pursued and received a BSc. in marketing from Wayne State University. Shortly after working in corporate and the American Marketing Association, she decided to focus on raising her child and exploring her passions.

Combining her background in preventative healthcare, love for all beings, and artistic skills, Rua founded Planthropie in 2018, a plant-based concept opening in Birmingham, MI. The concept, being first of its kind, is a dessert and cheese bar offering phenomenal food that’s fueling for the mind, body and soul. Rua advocates for conscious living and outreach through her artwork, food creations and collaborations within the community and beyond. Learn more at

Lainey Frydrych

Lainey Frydrych

Lainey Frydrych first heard about veganism in the 1980’s. The idea that humans are anatomically designed to eat plants really stuck with her, and she went vegetarian a few times. In 2011, she got serious about cycling, riding 120-150 miles a week. In order to get optimal athletic performance, she embraced a vegan diet.

Lainey was so inspired by veganism that she left a long banking career in 2016 to start a vegan food business, called EZ Vegan Custom Food Service. While marketing vegan meals, she identified 5 Levels of Food Awareness. She recently introduced “Living Vegan Is Easy” with one simple mission: help people who are interested in trying vegan, and help vegans to keep living that lifestyle. Learn more at

Jan Kielmann

Jan Kielmann (pronounced Yahn Keelmahn) is a board-certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Specialist®, Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner® and candidate Doctor in Clinical Nutrition. Jan grew up in Germany and came to Natural Medicine early in his life after seeing how the standard medical approaches did not always help patients truly get better.  He believes that there is always a way, there must be a way, even if standard knowledge claims a condition or disease to be irreversible.

Jan teaches Integrative Medical Practitioners worldwide at medical conferences, in science-based public presentations and workshops and through residency programs and continuing medical education. In his practice, Jan focuses on the underlying functional imbalances of complicated chronic diseases to help people optimize their health effectively and sustainably. Jan uses advanced tools such as Nutritional Genomics, Advanced Functional Labs, Botanical and Environmental Medicine, as well as Mind-Body Medicine to get to the root cause of someone who is “un-well”. He has an instinct for what is detrimental and making us sick after studying both science and clinical experience for years.  He is committed to educating and empowering us to understand the amazing machines we call our bodies and how to live a long and fulfilled life. Jan truly believes that nutrition is an absolutely crucial and missing centerpiece of healthcare.  Learn more at and

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