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We’re on a mission to ensure excellence in global healthcare by providing funding for the medical needs of individuals and education initiatives.

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Dr. Nandi’s Story

You may be asking yourself what Colon Cancer, Stroke, and Homelessness have in common?!

I’m passionate about these three causes because:

  1. In my day job as a gastroenterologist, I diagnose colon cancer far too often, and it is completely preventable!
  2. My father and first #HealthHero suffered from a devastating stroke in 2008
  3. There are over 554,000 homeless people in the United States alone. We started with a coat drive in our beloved but struggling city of Detroit and to date, we have collected over 25,000 coats for shelters throughout metro Detroit.

When my wife and I were dating we talked about how we were going to give back to our planet and these are our first endeavors. We have giant goals here and plan to open hospitals in third-world countries within our lifetime. We hope our children then carry out these initiatives for generations to come.

No one family ever reaches these goals alone and we certainly need your help. If you are passionate about any of these causes, want to be a part of our team, or even have the smallest of donations, I am asking for your help. Please sign up for our newsletter, make a tax-deductible donation, or email us about joining our team. We so appreciate your support and we look forward to Moving Health Forward with YOU! 

Namaste, Dr. Nandi



Our Mission is to ensure excellence in global healthcare by providing funding for the medical needs of individuals and education initiatives for disease education, prevention, and treatment. Dr. Nandi Charities 501(c)3, also aims to train caregivers by offering scholarships to deserving students seeking a career in healthcare.


  • Raise funds for the indigent to provide for health care and medical needs
  • Health education for the public on topics related to prevention and treatment of disease.
  • Offer scholarships to students in need who are pursuing education in healthcare.
  • Provide scholarships to needy students who are pursuing education for healthcare delivery.


We believe in giving back to move the health of our world forward. Through Dr. Nandi Charities, a 501(c)3, we’re able to provide families in-need with the resources they need to stay in good health. See what we’re up to!

The Fight Against Stroke

When I lost my father to a stroke, I knew I had to help others avoid the pain of losing a loved one. Helping others would mean everything to me.

The Fight Against Homelessness

Seeing individuals & families struggling with homelessness weighs heavy on my heart. My Coat Drive is the way I’m fighting back.

The Fight Against Colon Cancer

As a Gastroenterologists I constantly see the pain families and loved ones endure while dealing with the hardships of Colon Cancer. Will you help me help them?


Coats Collected & Distributed
Donated for Colon Cancer
Education, Research & Prevention
Raised in First Annual Stroke
Fore Stroke Golf Outing


Meet Mackenzie:

Upon birth, Donielle’s beautiful baby girl went through a six-hour operation, where her twisted intestines were removed, leaving her with a condition called short bowel syndrome. Unable to digest regular food, Mackenzie receives food nutrients via IV fluids 12 hours per day through a Broviac catheter in her chest. Mackenzie, now 4 years old, has undergone 11 surgeries and has been hospitalized over 35 times because the IV line can get infected, leaving her sick with a very high temperature. With the help of Dr. Nandi Charities, Donielle was able to receive some relief.

Thank You to all our Charity Supporters!