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You may be asking yourself what Colon Cancer, Stroke and Homelessness have in common?!

I am passionate about these three causes because:

  1. In my day job as a gastroenterologist I diagnoses colon cancer far too often and is completely preventable!
  2. My father and first #HealthHero suffered from devastating stroke in 2008
  3. There are over 554,000 homeless people in the United States alone, We started with a coat drive in our beloved but struggling city of Detroit and to date we have collected over 25,000 coats for shelters throughout metro Detroit.
When my wife and I were dating we talked about how we were going to give back to our planet and these are our first endeavors. We have giant goals here and plan to open hospitals in third world countries within our lifetime. We hope our children carry out these initiatives for generations to come. No one family ever reaches these goals alone and we certainly need your help. If you are passionate about any of these causes, want to be a part of our team or even have the smallest of donations I am asking for your help. Please sign up for our newsletter, make a tax deductible donation or email us about joining our team. We so appreciate your support and we look forward to Moving Health Forward with YOU! Namaste, Dr. Nandi


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