Be Your Own Health Hero

Episode Overview:

What is a health hero? Someone who inspires others to do more, who advocates for community health, who is a voice for their cause. Joining us today we have a group of individuals who have taken health into their own hands, and spread their message across the globe. Through healthy eating and exercise you can be a health hero for your body. When we come back, we’ll hear from an individual striving to make healthy living a priority and business.

Partha’s RX:

  1. Your health should be a priority. Make an effort to get out and be active every day, and remember that everything you put into your body will have an impact on your wellbeing.

  2. Hearing a diagnosis that’s scary doesn’t mean you have to give up. Fight back, advocate for yourself, and talk to your doctor about all of your possible options for treatment. There may be alternatives that you had not originally considered.

  3. Global health is just as important as your own. Reach out, donate, volunteer. Organizations like UNICEF and OMNI are always looking for help.

  4. If you have the power, speak out. Be a voice for your cause and those who cannot do the same.

Guests Including:

Qimmah Russo – Fitness Professional & Trainer and Health Hero

William Belfry – Cancer survivor and Health Hero

Henry Macki – MD, Orphan Medical Network International

Eric Thomas – Founder of EZ Awareness By Design and Health Hero

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