Connecting With Others… Could Forming a Purpose With People Help You Live Longer?

Despite the popularity of social media, many more Americans are saying they are lonelier than ever before.  It’s a serious and rising public health problem.  Research has shown that loneliness and feeling isolated can lead to higher risks for stroke, heart disease, immune system issues, and even affect how you recover and heal from cancer.

Let’s for example, take a small community in Roseto Pennsylvania.  From 1954-1961, there amazingly wasn’t a single heart attack for men aged 55 to 64. And the men over 65?  They held a death rate of half the rate of any surrounding community. Curious as to what the difference was, researchers dove in for answers. What they found, was remarkable. They stuck together. Three generations of families stuck together. And that one thing resulted in more happiness and overall health within their community.

Now having a sense of purpose means having something in your life that holds such great meaning that you would never want to give it up. Having a sense of purpose can inspire you to higher levels of achievement.  Not only does finding your purpose and creating a life worth living increase the quality of your life, but likely the length of it.  One study found that people who believe their life has meaning and purpose had a 15 percent lower risk of death than individuals who felt aimless in life.

Today, my experts and I will discuss the great possibilities and findings of how connecting and forming purposes can add to your overall lifespan.

Chris White: the impact of loneliness at home and at work

Chris White joins me to discuss the stigma surrounding loneliness and the perception that you’re “weak” if you feel this way.  This can make it harder and harder to reach out to those in your life as time passes by.  Chris explains loneliness as “Feeling that your relationships lack the quality that you desire. It’s really a feeling of isolation and disconnection and disengagement.”  He says you can be connected to lots of people on social media but still feel lonely inside.  You can even feel lonely at work, and this can impact your attitude and performance.  So why is this happening, why is this becoming a health crisis?  In this episode, Chris explains how technology is playing a role and he offers practical solutions on how to reach out to others and break the cycle of loneliness.

Teresa de Grosbois: what is Mass Influence?

Diving deeper into how connecting with others aids in our overall lives, our next guest is known for her mass influence. Teresa de Grosbois explains what exactly is mass influence and how “influence” can be such a powerful thing.  Teresa says, “Research is now showing that when you can be a positive influence in your family, in your community, and the world at large, it’s not only important to your happiness but your overall health and your longevity.”  We discuss how empowering people through her influence was the key to her success at EBC, the Evolutionary Business Council. And she shares how generosity and reciprocity play a role in building relationships.

Lisa Minini, Terry Wildermann, Scott Schilling:
how the influence of others can make you happier and more successful

Lisa Mininni, Terry Wildermann, and Scott Schilling are members of the EBC. Lisa shares how researchers found when we work in alignment with how our brains are naturally wired, we’re more engaged, happier and more connected with our communities.   Terry shares how the EBC is a socially conscious community that truly supports each other.  Scott shares how important it is to develop a tribe when creating a business.

Michael Fishman: bringing leaders in the healthcare community together

A good friend of mine, Michael Fishman has found purpose behind his mission in making the world healthier. Michael hosts an annual conference that brings together the leading founders and voices in healthcare.  He believes it is important to bring likeminded individuals, who are committed to the same things, together because it can create real change in the healthcare industry.

Robyn Gilleran: can motivation from your online community can be as beneficial as face to face 

Making positive connections in-person is important, but we also need to acknowledge how the entire world is available to you online. Robyn Gilleran discusses how technology allows us to connect with people in ways that stem beyond face to face interactions. She had immense success growing a business online and believes it can be very helpful not only for businesses but also for your overall health and successes as well.

This episode strives to show the importance of being connected. It’s clear that human social interaction can help aid in loneliness. And having purposeful influences in your life as well as influencing others can lead to longlasting health and longevity.

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