DIET is a Four Letter Word for Failure

As a practicing physician, dieting is a question I’m asked about most in my practice. Many of my patients are suffering physically and mentally…and are looking for help. But it can be very confusing when it comes to losing weight, as there are so many different types of new diets and fads cropping up all the time.  So what should we do for long-term, sustainable change?  The key is to create a realistic plan that makes healthy eating a way of life. The great news is that food is medicine!  And our planet is rich and diverse in natural foods and nutrients.  So we can eat exciting, flavorful, healthy foods that will never bore us.

In this episode, you’ll meet folks who are looking for help, as well as others who have found a way to permanently make healthy changes. There are a lot of great takeaways from my guests that will help you become healthier and happier.


My first guest is Charles Long who, like so many, is battling with yo-yo dieting. At age 21, he weighed 400 pounds. From a young age and into his adult years he overate. He just loved food, like many of us do. He tried many diets and was once anorexic for a time while in high school.

Charles explains that eating addictions are unlike drugs or alcohol because they can start in early childhood.  And they can be difficult to beat because you have to eat every single day.

My second guest, Pete Thomas also struggled with his weight.  He explains that your emotional health is essential to your physical health.  And so we need to think back to when we were younger, to see when the problems first started and what was going on in our lives.

Pete realized that his food addiction was closely tied to his mother’s mental illness.  And to the lack of food and homelessness he experienced when he was a child. He eventually became a contestant on the television show “The Biggest Loser” and lost 83 pounds in 62 days.

Charles and Pete both agreed that finding balance and the right foods are important for recovery from eating addictions, health and weight loss. They have a wealth of experience to share with us.


My third guest is Florine Marks. Florine is the leading US franchise holder of Weight Watchers International. In the Midwest, she is the face of Weight Watchers. She has used her knowledge, influence, energy, and resources to help folks help themselves.

Florine says she was “fat all my life”.  The kids bullied her in school, calling her Fat Flo.  She went to diet doctors and tried diet pills and amphetamines.  She says, “I went nine times and I lost 50 pounds each time!”  She eventually attended Weight Watchers in New York and did so well she was asked to bring the program to Michigan. Today, Weight Watchers has a new program out called Freestyle, where you have 200 foods that are zero points, like fish, beans, and yogurt. It is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change and a lifestyle for life.  Florine also shares exactly what she tells herself every morning, when she gets out of bed and looks into the mirror.  I believe my viewers like you will benefit from her wisdom on nutrition and lifestyle discussed in this episode.


My next guest is Michael Dagget. Michael has been a member of the International Guard for 24 years. His job at the AirForce was in jeopardy at one point due to his weight. Thankfully he found a great support system in a friend, who helped him on his journey to success.

My other guest, Danielle Giordano, is a certified Master Trainer, a two-time World Record-endorsed cyclist, and a nutritionist. For Danielle, weight loss was about behavior change. It was about trying to break the cycle of bad habits. She explains that weight loss is not about instant gratification, but a lifestyle change where results come gradually.

Both Michael and Danielle agree that external goals, such as a pant size, a 5K run, or keeping a job are important, as is understanding that support is necessary. Their stories they share are very inspiring.


My next guest, Dr. Lori Shemek, is the author of How to Fight Fatflammation, and the bestselling author of Fire Up Your Fat Burn. She’s been recognized by The Huffington Post as one of the top health and fitness experts, and you may have seen her on Dr. Oz as well.

Dr. Lori explains that the type of foods we eat matter. Choosing anti-inflammatory foods is important and very beneficial not only for our health but our weight as well. For example, sugar is notorious for promoting weight gain and triggering insulin. However, veggies and healthy fats, such as avocados and MCT oil are essential for health and weight loss. Dr. Lori has so much to teach us about nutrition and weight loss on this episode.


My last guest on this show is Patricia Moreno. Patricia has been training, mentoring, and educating people for more than 30 years. In an effort to end her own weight struggle, she created the Intensati method.  It’s a workout which combines her expertise in fitness, dance, martial arts, yoga, nutrition, meditation, and spiritual practices.

When Patricia was young, her Mom also struggled with her weight. She would go from one extreme to another, she would do things like fast for a month, and then she would binge. She couldn’t find that middle road. Then in grade 3, Patricia’s Mom put her on the scale and was shocked. Patricia was forced to diet, yet she only gained weight. It was no surprise that Patricia had a bad relationship with food and herself. She was ashamed, yet it was her identity. I hope you can catch this episode and hear her inspiring story of how she turned her life around.

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