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Now I’ve had two dramatic life-changing experiences in my life. The first one was when I was six years old. I was diagnosed with a disease that nearly killed me, rheumatic fever. My dad was my rock and inspiration through this scary time, and one of my first health heroes. Little did I know then the role I would later play as a grown son in my dad’s life.

About a decade ago, my beloved father suffered a debilitating stroke. It forever changed my life and the lives of my family. So I decided to take many of the lessons I learned as his son, a father, a husband, and physician, and compile them into a book. Because I wanted to share with you, just like I do with my patients, the knowledge I’ve gained so you can learn what it takes to live a joyful and healthy life. So on today’s show, I have several guests who took on my five pillars of becoming a health hero.  And they are here to share the significant changes that happened in their own lives.


My first guest is Judy Bemis. She’s an amazing woman. Like many people, Judy was unhappy with her weight but she loved her fast food. Does that sound familiar? Now when it comes to my nutrition plan, it’s not about deprivation, but rather a lifestyle approach to eating healthy overall. And it’s so effective that you can drop unwanted pounds.

Judy first started gaining weight as a teen.  She knew her clothes were getting tight, but one day when trying on new outfits, she was shocked to find out she went from a size 5 to a size 11.  As the years passed, her weight would fluctuate and she struggled with yo-yo dieting.  At times, she would cry with frustration because she couldn’t figure out why the weight wouldn’t come off or stay off.  Getting on my nutrition plan and eating healthy food helped Judy to lose substantial weight, and keep it off. She is actually eating food that is delicious and nutritious and loves how it helps her body. She is never depriving herself but makes healthy choices that keep her feeling nourished and satisfied. Her story is very inspiring and we talk more in detail in this episode.


My second guest is Patty Colon. Her story will leave you encouraged and motivated. She, like many of us in today’s world, often feels a lot of stress in her life.  She works long hours as an assistant to a high-level executive and is very busy as a single parent.

Patty often felt like she was in fight-or-flight mode. And when you are stressed and in fight-or-flight mode, your heart rate goes up, your adrenaline goes up, and you’re super energetic.  But that can lead to increased epinephrine, increased cortisol, and that’s the beginning of disease. So if you don’t find a way to deal with it, what happens is that eventually you may experience a heart attack, a stroke, diabetes, or some other dramatic health change. Patty read my book and became her own health hero. She started meditating in small increments, like 5 minutes a day.  And that led to change.  She believes it saved her job.  Watch this episode to learn the feedback she received from friends, family and co-workers!


My third guest is Greg Gnyp. His story is incredibly inspiring. He experienced a low point in his life during the process of getting divorced. When Greg and his wife were experiencing issues, he sought help from a therapist and learned he had a mild form of depression. Now I mentioned before that one of my five pillars is finding your purpose. So what does depression have to do with purpose?

Greg personally felt like he was wasting time. Days went by and he was just sitting in front of his TV. He felt like he had a grey box around his head. He even felt at times that he had no reason to live. He realized that he needed something to do.  My book helped as it encouraged him to look deep into his soul and seek out his purpose. Finding a purpose doesn’t mean that you have to change the planet. It doesn’t mean that you have to change the course of humanity. It doesn’t have to be something big. It’s just having purposeful activities that really mean something to you.  And Greg found meaningful purpose in talking to people about his depression, even in front of large audiences. And that wasn’t the only change that happened.  Greg also took on my nutrition plan and was surprised to find how this affected his weight.  We talk more in-depth about depression and his weight loss in this episode.

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